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Shower for the Soul is a community that shares stories about health, wellness and our mental wellness. Host Shane Fame Alexander dives deep into subjects as anxiety, depression and new ways to make our lives feel more balanced.

In this Father's Day edition of the show, I share an open love letter to wrestling. It has been since 1985 since I have been watching it, and before any memorable angle, or wrestler, the number one reason why I have so much love for wrestling is because of the bond I was able to form with Dad.  I share a couple of the earliest memories I have with wrestling and pops and pen an honest, thoughtful note to the squared circle. 

Welcome to the debut episode of Everything I've Learned in Life, I've learned from Wrestling. My name is Shane Fame Alexander and I'll share with you various stories from inside and outside the squared circle and how they have influenced my life.  In the debut episode, I take a look at one of my favourite quotes ever. From none other than the Macho Man Randy Savage. 

We're back from a short hiatus and Happy 2022! We know it's been a bit so Shane jogs our memory on what happened before the break. He then gets into his summer and how personal tragedies triggered misophonia got him back into old depressive habits. 



Hi, it's Shane. Before our 6th episode of Fight or Flight drops this week, I thought I'd give you a bonus episode. A few weeks back, I wrote an article for Misomatch. The article looks at how can we, as misophonia warriors, alter the way we think of misophonia and if it'll be here with us for the rest of our lives. I go deep into my struggle and I might drop a tiny spoiler for you. Be warned. Please enjoy this bonus episode of Fight or Flight....and Happy 2022!

We'll get back to our story next week. This week, it's a special edition of Fight or Flight. Shane talks how depression and anxiety intertwine with his misophonia. It has been a long, dark journey for him as he gets brutally honest on the last two years.  The moral of this story is that there's people are always out there to listen. In case you're having trouble coping, there's hotlines and websites you can consider contacting to chat. 

Here are a few: 

Assaulted Women's Helpline - 1.866.863.0511
Mental Health Resources for Indigenous Peoples --1-855-242-3310.
Canada Suicide Prevention Service - 833.456.4566
Women and LGBTQ - 855.554.HEAL (talk/text)
Kids Help Phone - 800.668.6868 or text TALK to 686868



Now that 2020 is behind us, Shane welcomes 2021 with promising possibilities. But they soon get demolished by arguments and another round of misophonia. Shane is in lockdown battling the second round of his debilitating disorder. 

Shane moves out. It's October 2020 and life is okay. He's getting used to his new abode. There's work drama but gets help from his upstairs neighbour - the same neighbour that might be the one that brings back his misophonia. Shane also shares some advice with his fellow misophonia warriors. 


In the second episode of Fight or Flight, Shane talks about when the `fight' part of Fight or Flight began. We travel back a couple of years back to the fall of 2019 and travel to the uncertain days of the lockdown of 2020. Shane also chats about a recent call from his doctor. Could this call have anything to do with the misophonia? 

Welcome to the debut episode of Fight or Flight. Podcast host Shane Fame Alexander shares his turbulent travels throughout the past few years in this uncertain ride of having misophonia. In this debut episode, Shane shares how he believes he's always had misophonia. He tells us why. 



Hi, it’s Shane. What you might not know is that I (think I) have misophonia. I say that in an uncertain tone because see, misophonia isn’t recognized as...anything. Yet. They’ve been doing research on this for two decades. 


Here’s how the website, Disabled World explains it; “Misophonia is a sound sensitivity disorder that is not well understood and is rare. It is characterized by an extreme aversion to certain sounds. The disorder may occur in both children and adults from any age group.”


There are triggers. There’s a lot of anger. There’s a lot of frustration. They call it 'fight or flight’. And it’s a bear to deal with. Since my triggers are from sounds upstairs from my basement-dwelling,, I need to wear headphones for 80% of the day. It’s rough. It’s demotivating. It’s depressing. 


And I’m not the only one that’s feeling like this. There are others. While this makes me feel comforted that I’m not the only one suffering from this, it also makes me sad that others are needing to battle this debilitating disorder every day. 


This is why I’m doing this. I host two podcasts on mental health. I’m a proud mental health advocate. But, today, I would like to officially announce that I would like to be your misophonia advocate. I’m working on a podcast about misophonia. It’s called Fight or Flight.  I’m reaching out to see if my fellow misophonia warriors would like to hop on the show to chat about your triggers, coping mechanisms, and misophonia stories. We’ll meet over Zoom for less than an hour and have a chat. 


Send me a DM and we’ll go from there. Or, email me directly at hostshane@gmail.com


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#mentalhealth #fightorflight 

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